The cholesterol content of the human body is about 140g. Contrary to a common confusion, it is not a fat, self-classification as lipids (collective term for water-insoluble substances) is not mandatory. Since it does not dissolve in water, are more than 95% of cholesterol in the blood. In the blood, it is then bound and transported to the plasma particles. In humans, cholesterol is largely (90%) in the body itself, the adult in an amount of 1g to 2g per day, and only up to 5% is consumed in the diet.

The resolution (combustion) of cholesterol is on average 0.1g to 0.3 g per day and can be increased a maximum of 0.5 grams per day. This corresponds to 30% to 60% of the contained in the food cholesterol. Cholesterol is produced in each cell of the body and is essential for cell survival, because it represents a major component of the cell wall. The cell wall cholesterol is the cholesterol in the blood of no importance, because it is not just from the cell wall dissolves and floats in the blood of it.

For the body, cholesterol is also important because it forms the starting material for the linking of important hormones, such as estrogens, testosterone and cortisone. These hormones are called steroid hormones. Also for vitamin D, which for example in bone metabolism plays an important Rolled, cholesterol is used as feedstock. The liver needs cholesterol also as a raw material for the formation of bile acids that are needed for fat digestion. Cholesterol is a vital for humans and animals zoos provider. Provider is a zoo in animal and human organism occurring sterol body. Cholesterol is excreted via the liver. Well-known diseases associated with cholesterol, bile stones.

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Agility or AMPLITUDE

Agility or AMPLITUDE  must be determined at the beginning, it can be gauged by how much is the mobility of the joints. For extensibility include muscles, tendons, ligaments and capsules. Which can be muscles, ligaments and tendons and capsules at most minimal stretch.

To everyone’s agility is one of the normal range of motion (amplitude) of all joints. For specific agility are certain sports where this is a priority need. You should refer to specific joints which provide superior AMPLITUDE have. The hip joint in the hurdles, the shoulder at the dolphin swimming style. The joint flexibility prevents injuries and provides security for the effective technique. Is essential to note that strain in the cold and warm state. These come with or without assistance. The articulation is worse with increasing age. Therefore, I recommend a permanent training. Not easy but it helps.

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Speed of Response

Greatest possible speed of response = the time duration of the perception of a stimulus to the muscle response. The reaction speed is mainly where there is a need to use due to an acoustic or visual perception as quickly as possible (start, game situations, attack or defense in combat, etc.) is required.

Although there are studies that make a real improvement in the responsiveness appear to be possible, it is still the reasonable opinion that the person has his individual, system-related reaction time. It is only in most cases, because too little stressed, „SPILLED“. But she is addressed by appropriate targeted training, they can be fully activated. No amount of sophisticated training, but it may shorten over the individual innate optimum addition.

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I am as good as I am, as I am

I am as good as I am, as I am?

If they want to come across as professional, they must not be divided. You should know when, where and with what, a little one – can help out more.

There is no second chance to make a first impression to make amends. This saying they may have heard. The saying could come from EVA, as ADAM was before her. She looked at him long and hard to – posture, head movements, hand positions, smell, word choice, paddles, wriggle, message, tone and much more. What a phenomenon, as handsome as he was, as God had created him – she thought, pausing and then she went to the water and looked at her reflection. Are they also like Eva? Do they have self-doubt?

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Der Körpertyp ist genetisch bestimmt, man kann ihn nicht ändern, weder durch das intensivste Training, noch durch die beste Ernährung, Disziplin kann da auch nicht´s bewirken. Aber man kann den Phenotyp ändern, also die optische Erscheinung.

Aber auch nur mit Training, Ernährung und Disziplin. Jemand dünnes kann auch muskulös aussehen, jemand dickes auch definiert. Deshalb ist auch schwer bei Menschen, die nicht Trainieren, den Körpertyp festzustellen.
In den 30er Jahren teilte William Sheldon nach langen Studien den Menschen in drei Körpertypen ein, in Mesomorph, Ektomorph und Endomorph. Für jeden gibt es ein spezielles Training. Niemand ist ganz zu einem der Dreien zuteilbar, jeder ist ein Mischtyp, wo der eine oder der andere Typ überwiegen kann. Ein berühmter Bodybuilder hat einmal gesagt, unter 100.000 Menschen, gibt es 20 mit sehr guten Voraussetzungen für Bodybuilding, davon aber nur einen mit genug Disziplin, um auch sein Potenzial voll auszuschöpfen.

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Ein Ektomorpher Mensch ist sehr sehr dünn. Sein Körperbau ist schmal und nicht muskulös. Ihre Vorteile sind aber, dass diese Typen essen können was sie wollen und nicht fett werden.
Ektomorphe Athleten haben es am schwersten im Sport. Sie besitzen nur dünne und lange Muskeln und haben es sehr schwer überhaupt Muskelmasse aufzubauen und diese auch zu behalten. Da sie eigentlich kein Fett zunehmen, sind sie gut definiert. Ektomorphe Menschen sollten nie um Fett abzunehmen, eine Diät machen oder dafür trainieren (also keine Ausdauer). Durch den hohen Stoffwechsel können (sollen) sie essen was sie wollen. Das wünscht sich doch jeder – oder??

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Der Mesomorphe Mensch hat es im Sport am besten. Er hat die besten Voraussetzungen um Muskelmasse aufzubauen, was er allerdings nicht nötig hat, weil er schon von Natur aus gut muskulös ist. Deshalb fehlen oft solchen Menschen die Disziplin, um richtig zu trainieren.

Mesomorphe Athleten haben eine geringe Fettansammlung und können daher essen was sie wollen, sie werden nicht viel dicker, weil sie einen sehr guten Stoffwechsel haben. Sie müssen nicht viel Ausdauer machen und können im Training intensiver trainieren, da sie allgemein belastbarer sind.

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